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How to install clean room doors and windows

Jun 05, 2021
(1) The doors of the sterile room, preparation room, and instrument room are color steel plate door panels, aluminum alloy edging, aluminum alloy door frame thickness 1.2mm, door panel edging aluminum alloy thickness 1.0mm, and an observation window is opened above the door, window The sprayed aluminum alloy profile is used, and the arc filter is adopted. Color steel panel.
(2) The observation window on the color steel plate of the sterile room is a double-sealed window, and the window adopts a plastic-sprayed aluminum alloy profile and adopts an arc transition.
(3) The distance between the door and window frame and the wall fixing piece is not more than 600mm, the frame and the wall are firmly connected, the gap is filled with elastic material, and the surface is evenly sealed with sealant.

(4) When there is a sealing strip on the sealing surface of the door frame, the sealing strip should be in a compressed state after the door leaf is closed. The gap between the door and the ground is provided with a soft rubber strip to ensure the negative pressure and cleanliness of the room.

(5) The box and chute of the upper part of the suspended sliding door should be clean, and there should be no obvious gap between the door leaf and the wall when the door is closed.

(6) The safety door is a structure that needs to be broken temporarily. The breaking tool is set in an obvious position, and it should be placed firmly and easy to access.

(7) The window glass is fixed and sealed with sealant. If the sealing strip is used for sealing, the connection between the glass and the sealing strip should be smooth, and the sealing strip must not be crimped, detached, chipped, or broken.

(8) The door and window glass is δ=4 float glass. The glass for fixing the double-glazed window should be flat, firm and not loose, and the gap should be sealed. The glass interlayer space should be clean and the glass surface should be bright.
(9) The door lock is a manufacturer's anti-breakage lock that has been certified by the IS9002 standard.
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