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selection conditions of building materials for clean rooms

Oct 22, 2020

1) choose materials with good airtightness and small deformation due to temperature changes; when the wall is installed with light steel keel and insulation materials, non-combustible materials or non-combustible materials should be used;

(2) The inner wall and ceiling surface of the clean room should be smooth, smooth, free of micro-patterns, avoid light reflection, and be corrosion-resistant. The corners of the wall and the floor should be smooth. light steel keels are used as partition walls, and measures to prevent collisions must be taken;

(3) The floor of the clean room should be good and smooth as a whole, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. in addition, it should have anti-static and easy cleaning and dust removal functions;

(4) When the light ceiling grid is used as the technical inspection space, the maintenance channel shall be laid in the space to the discharge outlet;

(5) The exterior wall windows of clean roomsand personnel clean rooms must have good air tightness and have the function of preventing air leakage and condensation;

(6) The shape of the doors and windows of the clean room is a simple, smooth structure that is not easy to retain dust and is easy to clean; do not set thresholds; and in order to prevent bacteria from being generated by moisture or deformation of doors and windows, wood products cannot be used for doors and windows in the clean area;

(7) The windows of the clean room should be opened toward the room with high air cleanliness level, and the windows should be of sufficient size to facilitate the installation, repair and exchange of general equipment;

(8) The inner wall of the clean room for installing doors and windows should be flat, and no window sills should be avoided as much as possible. If there is a window sill, in order to prevent the accumulation of dust and facilitate cleaning, it should be made as inclined as possible;

(9) The doors on both sides of the delivery box must be interlocked and airtight, easy to clean;

(10) The color of a clean room should be elegant, soft and harmonious. in addition, the light reflection coefficient of the decoration materials on each surface of the room is 0.6-0. 8 for suspended ceilings and walls, and 0.15-0. 35 for the ground.

(11) The coatings for walls and ceilings in clean rooms should be flame-retardant, anti-crack, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and have a smooth surface. They should be water-absorbent and non-degradable and mold-free paint;

(12) If the walls and ceiling surfaces of the clean room are plastered, advanced plastering standards should be adopted, and the curing time should be sufficient; materials that deform, crack, mold, or pulverize due to heat and humidity should not be used. after plastering, the paint surface layer should be brushed, and the paint should be inflammable, non-cracking, resistant to cleaning, smooth surface, and not easy to absorb water and deteriorate.

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